Europe Rail News: 16 September 2021

Plans for Europe-wide night train services, Cork to Donegal by high-speed rail, and the longest high speed rail network in Europe is in...

Europe Rail News


German Green politicians present plans for Europe-wide night train services

The EU promotes the virtues of train travel with the 'Connecting Europe Express'

Paris to Berlin in an hour: Welcome to the future of high-speed rail travel in Europe


Albania okays railway project with Montenegro


SNCB launches interactive scavenger hunt game


France’s high-speed TGV train enters service – archive, 1981

“On 22 September 1981, the first Train à Grand Vitesse line from Paris to Lyon opened to the public. See how the Guardian reported events.”

Great Britain

New cheap trains between London, Newcastle and Edinburgh – all you need to know

Coronavirus: Eurostar trains will not stop in Kent until at least 2023

New plans for sleeper train from Glasgow to Germany proposed


High-speed lines on agenda as Greens set out vision for future of rail services

Green Party thinking big on return of Donegal rail

“Donegal-Cork and Donegal-Derry rail links are ‘absolutely doable’”


Dante Alighieri’s divine railway line

“To mark the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death, a train line in Italy now follows the historical La Faentina tracks from Florence, where the poet and philosopher was born, to Ravenna, where he died.”


Lithuania to require Covid-19 certificate for intercity train travel


France and Luxembourg agree rail connection improvement

“…particularly on the Luxembourg-Thionville-Metz line.”

CFL aims to install free WiFi in 95% of Luxembourg's railway stations


Could Oslo-Copenhagen overnight train be set for return?

“A direct overnight rail service between the Norwegian and Danish capitals has not operated since 2001, but authorities in Oslo are considering its return.”


Serbia investing 6.5 bln euro to modernise railway infrastructure - PM


Spain's high-speed railway revolution

“At 3,567 kilometers, it's the second longest high speed rail network in the world”.


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